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  Floor osmotica has excellent adhesion, penetration of highly liquid materials, dry fast, strong wear resistance, and a very good chemical resistance and water resistance, the product through the effective penetration, with concrete and stone Creator Which play a role in the composition so that the various components of concrete curing into a solid entity, and obstruction of the size of the concrete Xikong, with a clean and compact as a whole, so as to enhance the wear resistance of concrete, compression, dense and Impermeability. To meet the different needs and use of environmental differences, for factories, warehouses, docks, parking lots cement ground handling, and colors can be deployed (usually a colorless, green, blue, red, etc.).

   Oujjc R & D and production of Oujin licensing Floor Penetrant easy to use fast, has strong hardness, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, and corrosion resistance and the penetration of super, non-polluting, non-irritating odor.

   Floor Epoxy Floor Penetrant to use close to the results, with Epoxy Floor all of the features, but no Epoxy Floor luster good, bright color uniform does not fade; affordable, because of strong through the use of Will not blister, and not out of the starting block, if you use the wear-resistant floor surfaces, greatly increased the wear-resistant floor surface hardness and wear-resistance, increasing wear-resistant surface of the compressive strength; enhance its density; A higher and withstand the impermeability of the performance of oils and fats; but does not require long-term use once a year, the waxing and maintenance, new and old concrete on the ground can be used, it referred to as the "floor care experts." Infiltration of hardening concrete can be sealed in the gap and pores, thus preventing pollutants, oil, grease and moisture penetration, long service life, maintenance, repair easy and convenient.

 Floor Penetrant Category:Waterborne osmotica (colourless and odourless, not combustion);Oily osmotica (two kinds of colors and colorless)

 Construction:① use cleaning agents on the ground cleaning. ② have been watering the completion of the ground, with Oujin Penetrant Tu (lower right)

 resistant and wearable floor Penetrant
 Construction of the Red Floor Penetrant
 Construction of green grass Penetrant

Oujjc Floor Penetrant                 
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